If you have always wanted to have a non-profit job, but do not have experience in the non-profit world, do not worry. It is easily possible to find a good job in the type of non-profit organization you are interested in. You just need to do a few things before you begin to apply.

Volunteer with a non-profit — If you have never volunteered for a non-profit organization before, that is something you should do before you begin to apply for a job with one.

Find non-profit agencies in your area offering services you are interested in and contact each one to ask if they have any volunteer vacancies. You are bound to find at least one that could use your help.

Once you have a few months of experience volunteering, you can then add that experience to your resume and promote yourself in your cover letters as having non-profit work experience. Some volunteer jobs even develop into full-time positions, so do not discount that approach either.

Mail resumes to all non-profits that interest you — Do not wait for a non-profit to advertise a job you may be interested in. Instead, spend a few days researching non-profits in your area, and then send a resume, cover letter and photograph to each of them.

In some cases, you may be the first person whose resume they have received for a job that has just become available. In other cases, they may have available positions, but just may never advertise them.

Go to events at the Center for Non-Profit Management — Many cities in America have a local branch of the Center for Non-Profit Management. This is an organization that helps non-profits do what they do best. It also offers a job listing that you can access online, so you can see what is currently available at many of the non-profits in your area.

Making contacts within the non-profit world is also important, however, and this is where the Center for Non-Profit Management can really help. That is because they will often hold events that anyone can go to, but events that are the perfect place to meet other people in the non-profit world.

When you do, mention you are looking for a job, and find out if they know of anything that is currently available.

Register with a recruitment agency — Recruitment agencies also recruit for the non-profit world, and some of them specialize in it.

Research recruitment agencies specializing in non-profit work online, check out their websites and look for the area of the site where you can submit your own application.

Register with several of them, so that you have access to a large number of non-profit jobs. Then push each agency to get you as many interviews as possible. A phone call every few days, or a quick email, can definitely help you do that, and may be just the thing a recruiter needs in order to help you find a job.

Finding a non-profit job is not that difficult. It just requires, time, patience and perseverance.