Fundraiser Ideas

The concept of fundraising is one that has many different avenues. If you are trying to engage in fundraising for a nonprofit organization you have many different elements at your disposal. You never have to worry about running out of ideas because there are so many creative ways to raise money.


The Yard Sale

The concept of the yard sale has been tried over and over again, and it is always proven to be something that works well. Even on a small scale an individual person can make a considerable amount of money with a yard sale if they have enough items. When you have multiple people that are participating in a yard sale your ability to make money becomes even greater.

If you need a big sum of money you may consider implementing yard sales on the 1st and the 15th of every month in order to get a reoccurring amount of money coming into your organization. It can be a fun way to dispose of old things that are no longer needed and make money by doing it.


Cooking / Baking

People are always looking for an opportunity to buy food. This is a necessity in life for everyone. Even at hard economic times there are always going to be people that are interested in buying food. This is why you can do well when it comes to a bake sale or cooking event. If you are selling plates you have the ability to attract a lot of people that may be interested in helping you reach your goal.

When you have someone that really knows how to bake or cook you can maximize the amount of funds that you earn. It may be surprising to realize that your return on investment for what you put into ingredients can yield a lot more than you would have ever assumed.


The Marathon

A very popular way to engage in fundraising for nonprofits is by starting marathons. This is one of the best concepts when it comes to trying to raise money. You’d be surprised about the number of people that engage in running. They may not be fans of your yard sale or any of your baking fundraisers, but these runners may love to register and sign up for the marathon. It also helps for nonprofits because people like to sign up for a marathon that is for a good cause. This makes it easier for you to earn money if this is the type of fundraising activity that you are trying to do.


House party Fundraiser

Another thing that you can consider with a non-profit is a house party fundraiser. This is a great opportunity for you to take a little time to get to know people in the community. When you make the decision to engage in fundraising you have the ability to create relationships with people that may become regular contributors. When you establish a house party fundraising activity you have a chance to actually talk to the people that are contributing to your cause.