The internet has changed the way we do fundamental things in our day to day lives. From how we interact on social media to how we approach growing a business, the web can be the final frontier for a whole new way of interaction.

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen has been the approach to business and branding on the web thanks to the way that domains have been snatched up. Now people are buying domains, or web addresses, before even knowing what they are going to do with them. The result? A host of potential lotto tickets if the right buyer comes around.

Buying Brandable Domains

So what exactly is a brandable domain?

Let’s say that you started a company called Best Beef Jerky. Obviously you would want a website utilizing that name. However, if someone bought the domain name then you would be out of luck. You would be especially in trouble if your brand became famous but that domain was in someone elses hands. Thus the potential for major earnings if you are the domain owner.

So seeing how that works it makes sense to start jumping onto the wagon and purchasing domains by the handful. These can be new domains or expired domains.

You never know which domains will become popular and you don’t know which ones will become worth any money. Domains themselves are cheap enough to buy but you have to know what you are doing in order to get the right ones. You will want to focus on domains that can be branded. This means you want simple, easy to remember domain names that you could see people businesses in the future wanting to buy from you.

Aged Domain names are just another part of the internet revolution. They act as pieces of online real estate and real estate is always going to have value.

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