Business cards are hotter than ever when it comes to promoting a business. There are some people that may assume that the concept of the business card is old and outdated. They may think that there are so many other aspects to marketing that are much more relevant than business cards. This is something that has happened because so many people are now embracing social media. The concept of the business card, however, is still very relevant today.

Business Cards are Still Relevant

Social media is more prevalent today, but that does not mean that the business cards less prevalent. Every encounter that you get for new customers is not going to be based on social media. It is true that this has become an effective marketing tool that is free, but that does not mean that all of your interactions are going to be based on social media.

You cannot rely wholeheartedly on social media alone. There are a ton of people that try this, and they find themselves incredibly out of touch with the real world when it comes to marketing their company. They have put so much time into social media that they become unaware of the fact that they will need physical tools like business cards to promote the business when they meet people in person.

The smart business owner is going to prepare for these times where social media is not going to be something that they can utilize. Anyone that has had a business for a long time will know that they always need to have a good back-up plan. When it comes to backup plans for advertising your business and getting the word out the business card is still as essential as it was decades ago.

Creating a Brand

The biggest thing that social media gives you the freedom to do is continue to create your brand. If you have ever seen a business card with a logo on it there is a good chance that you are going to remember the logo. Even if you do not quite remember the name of the business you may have the logo stuck in your head.

The reason that this works when it comes to creating a brand is that it forces you to recognize this logo if you see it on a building or a sign. You may not have even known where the business was, but if you recognize the logo you may connect the dots.

People Will Remember You Through Your Business Card

If you have ever went to a job fair there is a good chance that a business card was placed in your hands. Candidates may not also remember what was discussed, but they remember you by your business card. They don’t have to search for information because they have all your contact info on the card.